Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi
Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi - Kigurumi
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Toothless The Dragon Kigurumi

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Become one of the rarest and most intelligent dragon species around - a Night Fury. Legend has it that this "offspring of lightening and death itself" is really just a gentle beast deep down. Soar into the night with our Toothless the Dragon Kigurumi today!

  • Toothless construction with SAZAC signature soft fleece.
  • Toothless hoodie with spiked ears.
  • Oversized wings to take flight at any time.
  • Black tail with prosthetic tailfin.

Available in Regular Size Only.

Our Kigurumi will fit most people...

Kigurumi are made to be loose fitting and will fit adults who are at least five feet tall. However, if you're taller than 6", the wrist and ankle cuffs might not make it all the way to your wrists and ankles. Extra Tall Kigurumi are designed to fit people over 6".

Remember - Kigurumi are usually baggy at the chest and waist. If you're concerned with fitting into one of our Kigurumi, the limiting factor is usually your shoulder width.

Kigurumi Measurements
Adult Sizes
Regular One Size
Extra Tall Size
Sleeve Length 23" / 59cm 24" / 62cm
Shoulder Width 22" / 57cm 23" / 60cm
Waist Circumference 57" / 145cm 60" / 154cm
Bust 50" / 128cm 52" / 134cm
Height 51" / 132cm 56" / 143cm
Measurements in Centimeters
Adult Kigurumi Sizing
Regular One Size
Extra Tall Size
Sleeve Length 59 62
Shoulder Width 57 60
Waist Circumference 145 154
Bust 128 134
Height 132 143

Caring for your Kigurumi is super easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn your kigurumi inside out. This will keep the fabric super soft and cuddly.
  2. Kigurumis are machine washable, so throw it in :)
  3. Add detergent. We definitely recommend adding fabric softening to prevent stiffness.
  4. Wash your Kigurumi on "Cold" for the first cleaning, so that the color sets. Wash on "Warm" for every subsequent wash.
  5. Use the "gentle" setting on your washing machine.
  6.  Feel free to pop in the dryer or hang to dry (make sure to keep out of direct sunlight if drying outside!).
  7. Use the "Air Dry" or "Fluff Air" setting on your dryer for gentle drying.

Care Instructions

Machine Wash Cold, Non-Chlorine Bleach, Dry Flat, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean


Kigurumi are made out of high-quality, soft, polyester fleece. 

The wrist and ankle cuffs on all of our Kigurumi are elasticized.

Animal Kigurumi (Such as the Tabby Cat, Dinosaur, Fox, etc.) come with side pockets along the side seam of the Kigurumi, and Character Kigurumi (such as the Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Rilakkuma, etc.) DO NOT come with side pockets unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Customer Reviews

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Great Onesie

This is a great onesie with plenty of room for anyone. My son is 6 foot and has a very large frame and this fit perfectly. The material is nice and not too thick so it's not hot. The wings and the tail are an awesome touch too. We love it!

Toothless Dragon

Cool suit! Great service! Order all the onesy's you can from these fine folks. Hundreds of oney's! :)